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We started business as a custom tailor in 1968 in Sattahip, near the U - Thapao US Air Force Base during the Vietnam War. My customers at that time were the US military men who were passing through Thailand during those times.
I have built up a thriving business specializing in custom-made clothes for both men and women, using the very high quality English and Italian fabrics.
The skill and accuracy of our craftsmen have enabled me to offer custom-made goods that solve various problems which ready-to-wear cannot even begin to address. For example, some people have longer arms than average or their lower body is longer or shorter than the norm, one arm might be longer than the other, one shoulder lower than the other, and so on. Also, regarding sports, men like golfers or tennis players use certain parts of their body more and naturally develop problems fitting into prefabricated clothes. Other people who sit in the office and work on a computer all day develop certain body structure changes and then need a very special tailor like me who has dedicated all his life to this profession since 1968. I worked since then with people from most countries in the world, people with special figures, requirements, and taste and uncountable other reasons to have special tailored clothes. I have developed my skills and can make wardrobes very near to perfection for even the most difficult fitting problem.
I have traveled to Scandinavia, Europe, and the U.S. in the past years, and I have made clothes for customers with unparalled success and no complaint whatsoever, either about workmanship, fit or price.
I offer high quality guarantee and I stand behind all my goods. I know that you will be satisfied and I consider my good relationships with past customers to be the greatest asset I have built up over the past 40 years. I know you will be satisfied too.


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